Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Virtual 2020

Antibody Engineering & Therapeutics Virtual 2020

Presentation: Advancing Therapeutic Antibody discovery using RenMab/RenLite/RenMab KO immunoglobulin humanized mouse platforms

Speaker: Li Hui, PhD, MD, Scientific Director of Biocytogen Boston Corp.

Time: 9:30am – 10:00am EST December 16th

To human or to humanize? This is a great question for therapeutic antibody discovery. Human antibodies that are generated from immunoglobulin transgenic mice have been proved to be successful due to the in vivo natural selection, affinity maturation of antibody secreting B cells.

To meet the expanding needs of the therapeutic antibody market, Biocytogen established first and second generation of immunoglobulin humanized mouse platforms: RenMab, RenMab KO and RenLite. RenMab mice carry full human heavy chain and kappa light chain repertoire and has been proved to be a robust human antibody generating engine. Neutralizing antibodies against SARS-COV-2 were generated from RenMab mice and showed strong neutralizing function as well as high epitope diversity. RenLite immunoglobulin humanized mouse is designed to overcome the common challenges of bispecific antibody discovery: immunogenicity and chain mispairing, at the same time, provide a full human heavy chain repertoire diversity.RenLite mice show robust immune response comparable to wild type mice and RenLite mice derived antibodies have broad binding affinity up to subnanomolar range. RenLite antibodies also showed strong in vivo efficacy against tumor growth in xenograft mouse models. Biocytogen’s RenMab KO mice library contains a list of mice each with a specific target gene knocked out. RenMab KO mice conquers challenging targets such as high homologous protein, GPCR and Ion channels. RenMab KO mice also generates species cross reactive antibody candidates of which preclinical studies do not rely on surrogate antibodies.In summary, RenMab/RenLite/RenMab KO mouse platforms are  powerful tool for advancing current bispecific or multispecific antibody discovery.


01: RenMab Mouse: A Leading Platform for Fully Human Antibody Generation  – Li Hui

02: Novel TNFR2 humanized mouse model for in vivo validation of human TNFR2 antibody targeting hTNF /hTNFR2 signaling pathways – Li Hui

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