Biocytogen Secures U.S. Patent for Key Technology of the Fully Human Antibody Mouse (RenMab) Platform

Biocytogen Secures U.S. Patent for Key Technology of the Fully Human Antibody Mouse (RenMab) Platform

Biocytogen Pharmaceuticals (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Biocytogen”, HKEX: 02315) is pleased to announce that the company has been granted a patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office (No. US-11730151-B2) for the key technology of RenMabTM mice, a proprietary fully human antibody mouse platform used to accelerate therapeutic antibody discovery. This milestone follows the issuance of a Chinese patent earlier this year.

In RenMabTM mice, the full repertoire of murine heavy chain and light chain variable region genes were replaced in situ by their human counterparts, using Biocytogen’s Size-Unlimited and Precise Chromosome Engineering (SUPCE®) technology. RenMabTM mice are thus able to generate fully human antibodies with maximum genetic diversity, increasing the success rate of antibody discovery compared to other partially humanized models available. Importantly, the variable regions of fully human antibodies generated from RenMabTM mice do not require in vitro humanization, which de-risks the antibody development process and saves time and cost.

With distinct advantages in discovering fully human antibodies with low immunogenicity, high diversity, favorable affinity and excellent physiochemical properties, RenMabTM mice, together with Biocytogen’s other fully human antibody discovery RenMice® platforms, have gained widespread recognition in the global biotech and biopharmaceutical industry. Licensing agreements have been established with 20+ companies, including Merck KGaA, Janssen, Xencor, BeiGene, Innovent, Junshi Biosciences and Remegen.

Dr. Yuelei Shen, President and CEO of Biocytogen, said: “Obtaining this patent is an important achievement that underscores our company’s innovative capabilities and reinforces our competitive edge in the field of therapeutic antibody drug discovery. We will continue to develop innovative biologic drug discovery platforms, and will actively engage to secure intellectual property rights for these and other RenMice® platforms to support our worldwide partners.”

About Biocytogen

Biocytogen (HKEX: 02315) is a global biotechnology company focused on the research and development of novel antibody-based drugs. Founded on gene editing technology, Biocytogen leverages genetically engineered proprietary RenMice® (RenMabTM/RenLite®/RenNano®/RenTCR-mimicTM) platforms for fully human monoclonal/bispecific/multispecific antibody discovery, bispecific antibody-drug conjugate discovery, nanobody discovery and TCR-mimic antibody discovery, and has established an off-the-shelf library of >400,000 fully human antibody sequences against approximately 1000 targets for worldwide collaboration. As of June 30, 2023, 50 therapeutic antibody co-development/out-licensing/transfer agreements and 42 target-nominated RenMice® licensing projects have been established around the globe, including several partnerships with multinational pharmaceutical companies (MNCs). Biocytogen’s pipeline is comprised of 10 core assets, with partnerships also established for multiple clinical assets. Biocytogen pioneered the generation of drug target knock-in humanized models for preclinical research, and currently provides 1700+ off-the-shelf animal and cell models under the company’s sub-brand, BioMiceTM, along with preclinical pharmacology and gene-editing services for clients worldwide. Headquartered in Beijing, Biocytogen has branches in China (Haimen Jiangsu, Shanghai), USA (Boston, San Francisco), and Germany (Heidelberg). For more information, please visit

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