RenBiologics Assets Brochure

RenBiologics Assets Brochure

  • Fully Human Antibody Library

  • Preclinical PCC and Clinical Assets

  • Antibody Assets Licensing & Co-Development

Biocytogen’s fully human antibody library is comprised of 400K+ sequences targeting 900+ antigens, applicable to multiple therapeutic areas. These antibodies were generated using proprietary RenMice® strains, each engineered to lack a certain drug target gene. This fully human, hyperimmune, target-specific (HiTS) platform increases the likelihood that our antibodies have desirable characteristics, including:

  • Lower risk of immunogenicity
  • Cross-species recognition to facilitate preclinical efficacy and safety evaluation
  • High specificity, affinity and diversity, owing to the comprehensive coverage of immunoglobulin variable region genes in our RenMice models
  • Feasibility of assembly into various modalities, including bispecific antibodies (bsAbs)/engagers, bispecific ADCs (bsADCs), nanobodies and TCR-mimic antibodies for your novel therapeutic application
  • Facilitates discovery for a comprehensive list of popular yet difficult drug targets, including cell membrane proteins, extracellular proteins, and intracellular proteins.


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