Festival of Biologics Basel 2020

Festival of Biologics Basel 2020

Therapeutic Antibody Hit Generation Using Fully Human Antibody Transgenic Mice RenMab™ and RenLite™

Speaker: Qingcong Lin, CEO of Biocytogen Boston Corp

Time: 1:30pm GMT/8:30am ET, November 5th

  • Rapidly therapeutic antibody candidate generation using fully human antibody transgenic mouse RenMab
  • Bispecific antibody hit and candidate generation using common light chain transgenic mouse RenLite
  • Novel antibody hit and candidate generation for mouse/human high homologous genes and the difficulty targets including GPCRs and Ion channel proteins using RenMab-KO mice

Festival of Biologics

This year, we are launching the Festival of Biologics Europe virtually. We expect over hundreds of attendees logging in from around the globe to hear the latest cutting-edge research in antibodies, immunotherapy and biosimilars. Across 4 days, you will have live and on-demand access to hundreds of scientific presentations, panel discussions, workshops and interviews. We’re excited to offer you the opportunity to interact with world class biologics experts from the comfort of your own home.


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