Meet Us at Our Booth in JCA2023!

Meet Us at Our Booth in JCA2023!

Biocytogen’s Asia-Pacific business development team is pleased to exhibit at the 82nd annual meeting of the Japanese cancer association, taking place from September 21–23, 2023 in Yokohama, Japan! Join us at Booth #42 to learn more about how BioMice® models and services, our fully human antibody discovery platforms and antibody assets can accelerate your R&D of novel antibody-based therapeutics!

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BioMice is Biocytogen’s sub-brand that provides gene-edited animal and cell models, preclinical pharmacology services, and gene-editing services. Our models comprise of 

  1. 590+ human target KI mice and 130+ human target KI murine cell line, which are very useful for anti-human antibody in vivo efficacy and safety evaluation. Our targets cover oncology, immune oncology, autoimmune & inflammation, metabolic disease and neurology targets.
  2. 40+ severely immunodeficient B-NDG® mice and its second-generation models for human immune system reconstruction, including B-NDG B2m KO mice plus for prolonged experimental window and B-NDG hIL15 mice for better human NK engraftment.

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Taking advantages of our comprehensive animal and cell models, we’ve established preclinical pharmacology evaluation platforms for a variety of drug modalities, such as antibodies, XDCs, cell therapy, gene therapy, and tumor vaccine. Our service includes

  1. Disease model establishment: 
    • Syngenic tumor models based on human target KI mice
    • CDX and PDX tumor models based on second generation immunodeficient mice
    • metabolic disease models – NASH, obesity, diabetes, etc.
    • inflammatory and autoimmune disease models – asthma, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, IBD, multiple sclerosis, osteoporosis, SLE, pulmonary fibrosis, etc.

2) in vivo drug efficacy evaluation platform

3) ex vivo pharmacology platform: receptor occupancy, TIL analysis, cytokine analysis, etc.

4) in vitro pharmacology platform

5) PK/PD/Biomarker analysis

6) pathology and toxicology platforms

9 of TOP10 global and 7 of TOP10 Japanese pharmaceutical companies are our BioMice clients using our catalog models or CRO services above. Selected publications are shown as below:

If you want to generate a customized model, our gene-editing platform offers KI, KO, cKI, cKO model generation services using our established ESC/HR and highly efficient CRISPR/EGE technology.

Using our fully human antibody RenMice®, Biocytogen has built 6 antibody technology platforms for the discovery of fully human monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, bispecific ADCs, nanobodies, TCR-mimic antibodies and anti-GPCR antibodies. Recently, our Project Integrum, a project for identifying therapeutic antibodies against 1000+ targets, have completed 900+ target antibody discovery projects with a library built containing 400k to 500k fully human antibody sequences. Many of these antibodies have cross-species activities facilitating direct in vivo efficacy evaluations in various species. Project Integrum aims to reduce the risk and save the time for the development of antibody-based therapeutics. We welcome partnerships for antibody asset licensing/co-development/transfer and antibody platform licensing. 

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