Join us at PEGSBoston: May 15-19

Join us at PEGSBoston: May 15-19

Join us in our luncheon presentation and meet with our team at booth #9 in PEGS Boston from May 15-19 ! Learn more about our antibody discovery services and other platforms to help support your research projects.

Luncheon Session: Tuesday, May 16th, 12:40 PM

Speaker: Dr. Qingcong Lin, CEO, Biocytogen Boston

Session Title: RenNano: A Fully Human Heavy-Chain-Only Antibody (HCAb) Platform for Generating Nanobodies and Multispecific Antibodies

Session Overview:

We engineered a novel mouse model for fully human nanobody discovery, RenNano, that contains the entire human immunoglobulin heavy chain variable region. To generate HCAbs, the constant region was also modified; both kappa and lambda light chains are disrupted.

RenNano mice generate HCAbs with high affinity for their cognate antigens, and can be further developed into nanobodies, multispecific antibodies, or other therapeutic modalities for improved tissue penetration and targeting.

PEGS Boston Summit is the leading biologics event with comprehensive programming covering all aspects of biologic drug development with in-depth presentations on protein and antibody engineering, immunotherapy, oncology, expression, analytics, immunogenicity, and more. (Source: PEGSBoston)

Event Date: May 15-19 | Event Location: Boston


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