Visit Our Bispecific ADC Poster at IO Summit Europe 2023!

Visit Our Bispecific ADC Poster at IO Summit Europe 2023!

Visit Our Bispecific ADC Poster at IO Summit Europe 2023!

Biocytogen’s antibody Business Development & Licensing team is excited to attend the upcoming Immuno-Oncology Summit Europe 2023 conference, held in London, UK from June 20-22, 2023. The team will present a poster (Session B04) at the event, entitled “YH013, a Common Light Chain Bispecific ADC Targeting EGFR and MET, Improves Preclinical Efficacy Over Its Parental Single-Targeting ADCs”. In vivo studies of YH013-treated mice with tumors co-expressing both targets demonstrate improved anti-tumor activity compared to parental ADCs and its bispecific antibody benchmark.

Compared with single-targeting ADCs, which are only effective against targets with a high level of expression on tumors, bispecific ADCs (BsADCs) can be effective against two targets with different expression levels on tumor cells. Ultimately, these characteristics allow BsADCs to maintain low off-target toxicity, while realizing broader and longer-lasting killing effects for heterogeneous tumors.

Biocytogen’s BsADC platform utilizes the company’s fully human common light chain RenLite® mouse to greatly improve the success rate of bispecific antibody assembly and ensure suitable drug developability characteristics, making the platform ideal for large scale BsADC drug discovery. Currently, the company has 20+ ongoing BsADC programs in addition to YH013: 

In addition, Biocytogen also developed many off-the-shelf tumor-associated antigen (TAA) targeting antibody backbones for rapid assembly of bispecific antibodies and bispecific ADCs.

We look forward to exploring partnership opportunities with you, either for our antibody-based assets, or our antibody discovery platforms! For questions, please contact [email protected].


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