Visit our Booth and Bispecific ADC Posters at World ADC San Diego: Oct 17-18

Visit our Booth and Bispecific ADC Posters at World ADC San Diego: Oct 17-18

Biocytogen’s BD team is excited to exhibit and attend the 14th Annual World ADC San Diego conference, taking place from Oct 17–18, 2023! Be sure to visit booth 23 to speak with our team members, and check out our posters highlighting 2 of our bispecific ADC assets:

  • Poster #10: Potent efficacy in mice and favorable safety in cynomolgus monkeys of DM001, a novel TROP2xEGFR bispecific ADC
  • Poster #11: DM002, a novel HER3xMUC-1C bispecific ADC, exhibits potent anti-tumor activity in preclinical models

When compared to monoclonal ADCs, bispecific ADCs can offer improved tumor selectivity and potent/broad tumor killing activity, but their complex structure can pose challenges for development. To address this problem, Biocytogen developed a proprietary fully human antibody mouse model (RenLite®) to generate antibodies with a common light chain, effectively lowering the mismatch rate during bispecific antibody assembly. Bispecific antibodies assembled in this manner have a simple structure and favorable physiochemical properties that are ideal for bispecific ADC assembly.

Learn more about the advantages of bispecific ADCs and our bispecific ADC discovery platform: 

Using RenLite® mice, Biocytogen is performing large-scale screening to identify novel bispecific antibodies for therapeutic ADC asset development. Currently, the company has developed off-the-shelf antibodies targeting 40+ TAAs screened by internalization activity, and 20+ bispecific ADC assets ready for licensing or co-development. 

We look forward to exploring partnerships with you at the conference. Please contact [email protected] to speak with our asset licensing team, or schedule a meeting here to discuss RenMice licensing or BioMice products and services. 

Event Date: Oct 17-18, 2023 | Event Location: San Diego, CA


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