Join us at Booth D23 at BIO KOREA 2024! May 8-10

Join us at Booth D23 at BIO KOREA 2024! May 8-10

Biocytogen’s APAC business development team is excited to exhibit and host 1-on-1 meetings at BIO KOREA 2024, taking place from May 8-10, 2024 in Seoul, South Korea!

Join us at booth D23 to learn more about:

  • How our fully human antibody library and RenMice® discovery platforms can help you design your novel drugs, as well as
  • How our gene-edited models and preclinical pharmacology services can help you evaluate your drugs.

Biocytogen’s RenBiologics and BioMice business divisions have been widely recognized by both Korean and global companies. In March of this year, we initiated a collaboration with ABL Bio aimed at developing new bispecific ADCs. To date, we have successfully established 103 therapeutic antibody agreements and 47 target-nominated RenMice® licensing projects worldwide.

Our Collaboration with ABL Bio

Additionally, 7 out of the top 10 Korean companies use our BioMice models or services for their drug development. Globally, our models have been sold to 20+ countries and regions, and we have completed 3000+ drug evaluation projects for approximately 500 partners. Interested in exploring partnership opportunities with us to benefit your drug discovery and development? Schedule a 1-on-1 meeting with us today!

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Browse below for a summary of our business divisions:


Leveraging our proprietary RenMice® discovery platforms, Biocytogen has generated a vast antibody library consisting of 400k+ fully human antibody sequences against hundreds of therapeutic targets. This antibody sequence library, as well as individual antibody-based assets, are available for partnership:

  • 40+ PCC-stage antibody assets: B7-H3, Siglec-15, TNFR2, MUC16, NKG2D, ROR1, TIGIT, IL-2RA, AMHR2, CD73, CD40 (antagonist), and more;
  • 80+ TAA antibodies for plug-and-play development: TSPAN8, SLC34A2, MUC1, 5T4 (TPBG), PTK7, FOLR1, CEACAM6, PSMA, CDH3, DLL3, SEZ6, HER3, HLA-G, LIV-1, and more;
  • 10+ fully human bsAbs: 4-1BB x CD40 bsAb for oncology, OX40 x OX40 (biparatopic) bsAb for autoimmunity, and more;
  • 20+ bsADCs: PTK7 x TROP2 bsADC, HER3 x MET bsADC, PTK7 x EGFR bsADC, PTK7 x B7-H3 bsADC, and more;
  • 10+ TCR-mimic antibodies: WT1, KRAS, P53, AFP, GP100, NY-ESO-1, and other intracellular targets;
  • 90+ nanobodies and our “Nano 100 Project”: TFR1 (blood-brain-barrier crossing), 4-1BB, OX40, BCMA, and more;
  • 70+ fully human GPCR mAb/bsAb programs: CCR8, GPRC5D, GIPR, LGR5, CCR2, and more;
  • 5 clinical-stage assets: PD-1×CD40 bsAb, CD40 agonistic mAb, CTLA-4 mAb, OX40 mAb, 4-1BB mAb.


Biocytogen offers licensing and flexible partnering models for its RenMice fully human antibody/TCR discovery platforms:


BioMice’s products and services include:

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Event Date: May 8-10, 2024 | Event Location: Seoul, South Korea


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