Biocytogen Teams With Ina Research To Boost Presence In Japan

Biocytogen Teams With Ina Research To Boost Presence In Japan

Beijing, China and Nagano, Japan; November 30, 2020-Beijing Biocytogen Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Biocytogen”) announced today that it has entered into a commercial agency agreement with Ina Research Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “INA”) to expand its business in Japan market.

As one of the world’s largest pharmaceutical markets, Japan has an established reputation for innovative drug research and development. The partnership will help introduce Biocytogen’s innovative animal models and its world-class antibody drug research capabilities to Japanese customers in various therapeutic fields including but not limited to immuno-oncology and auto-immune diseases. Under the agreement, INA represents Biocytogen as a sales agent and distributor to promote Biocytogen’s animal models and research services and capabilities in Japan.

“As both INA and Biocytogen having a strong focus on supporting pharmaceutical partner’s development on novel therapeutics, each has strength at different drug development stages. Therefore, the partnership would be a perfect match and create added value. By working as a team, we can provide a streamlined drug discovery and development platform to our business in Japan.” said Yuelei Shen, Ph.D., president and CEO of Biocytogen.

“We feel the thriving demand in Japan for animal models and non-clinical in vivo drug efficacy evaluation services, especially in the field of immunotherapy. Biocytogen‘s animal models and research capabilities have been recognized by  world-wide customers including top MNCs in US, Europe and China for years and we would love to introduce them into Japan to support our customers and more importantly, to help accelerate drug innovation here in Japan.” said Kenshi Nakagawa, president and CEO of INA.

The partnership gives Biocytogen immediate access to INA’s well-established Japanese customer network including top pharmas, biotechs and institutes in the country. To fulfill the agreement, INA has already hosted a webinar in early October and will launch more events and campaigns to raise awareness of the models and services provided by its newly forged partner, Biocytogen.

Company Profile

About Beijing Biocytogen Co., Ltd.

Biocytogen is a global biotech company that drives the research and development of new drugs with innovative technologies. The company is committed to becoming a global headstream of new drugs and bringing the benefits to the patients around the world as its mission. Biocytogen has established a highly integrated antibody drug discovery platform based on a series of genetically-modified animal models. Biocytogen has developed the RenMab™ mouse model for fully human antibodies production with robust humoral responses, highly diverse antibody repertoire and superior affinity.

Biocytogen has launched a pioneering antibody drug development plan (KO target library: to tackle difficult targets based on the immunization of RenMab™ knockout mice. Nearly 1,500 targets knockout mouse strains will be generated within 2 years for antibody discovery. Moreover, with the knockout immunization strategy, antibody hits cross-reacting with different species shall be more likely to be generated for better translational efficacy and toxicity evaluation.

With the world-class expertise in genetically-engineered animal development and maintenance with large-scale animal breeding capacity, antibody discovery, and preclinical pharmacology services, the company provides seamless integrated antibody discovery services to the biomedical community for a true one-stop solution from target to IND application and has built its collaboration with more than 2,000 partners worldwide, including over 70% of top 20 MNCs.

About Ina Research Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1974, Ina Research’s headquarters is in the city of Ina, located in the Nagano prefecture, and it operates offices in Tokyo. The firm’s shares are traded publicly on the JASDAQ exchange.

Ina’s scientists primarily conduct analysis and safety and efficacy studies for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, though the organization also works with companies that produce agricultural chemicals and medical equipment.

Research specialties including drug dependence studies, efficacy studies for central nervous system therapies, cancer studies, reproductive and developmental toxicity studies, and animal models.

Ina has established a research center on Ina’s campus under the collaboration with academic institute to conduct non-clinical safety studies for CAR-T therapy, funded by the Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development.


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