RenMab™ Mouse

Powerful Fully Human Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Platforms

Biocytogen’s RenMab™, RenLite®, and RenNano® humanized mice are powerful platforms for fully human therapeutic antibody discovery. The RenMab™ model, our best-in-class humanized antibody mouse, is ideal for the discovery of fully human therapeutic antibodies. The RenLite® mouse model is specially designed for bispecific and multispecific antibody discovery, as the common light chain eliminates chain mispairing issues during bispecific antibody development. RenNano® humanized mice generate heavy-chain-only antibodies, which allows for specialized therapeutic applications requiring nanobody or HCAbs.


These humanized antibody mice allow for natural in vivo selection and affinity maturation, ensuring maximum developability of your anti-human therapeutic antibody.



With the development of these models, Biocytogen has launched 6 therapeutic antibody discovery platforms. Contact us to learn more about how our models and platforms can support your therapeutic drug discovery.



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