RenMab™ Mouse

RenMab™: Fully Human Antibody Mouse

The humanized mouse model is the preferred means to produce fully-human antibodies for therapeutics discovery. Mice that have endogenous antibody genes (heavy and light chains) replaced with human antibody genes can be used to develop humanized antibodies in just one step.

Biocytogen’s RenMab™ Mouse is an antibody-humanized mouse with the most complete antibody genes replacement in the world, which has been designed to greatly simplify and de-risk the antibody development process. In the RenMab™ Mouse, the parts of the genes that encode for antibody variable domains of H and κ chains are replaced in situ by human sequences using a unique chromosome engineering technique, while the constant domains and critical regulatory elements remain murine. The length and integrity of humanized antibody gene replacement in the RenMab™ Mouse significantly outperform other existing models. The RenMab™ Mouse has a normal immune system comparable to that of the wild-type mouse. Because of the higher diversity of its antibody genes, the RenMab™ Mouse has a higher potential for antibody drug development. The RenMab™ Mouse is the ideal platform for researchers to generate antibody-based drugs with strong specificity, high affinity, and diversity.

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