Basic Information

Strain Name
Stock Number
Common Name
B-Cdh5-iCreERT2 mice
Gene symbol and name
Cdh5, Cadherin-5
Strain of origin
Coat color
Dietary information
Growth and reproduction diet for experimental mice
Expressed gene
ICreERT2, improved cre recombinase, bacteriophage P1 fused estrogen receptor
Site of expression
The endothelial cells in mice
•Function research of genes •Research on cardiovascular system, tumor and cell differentiation mechanism


Homozygous generally embryonic lethal, behave abnormal blood vessel development. In this strain, iCre-ERT2 recombinase expression is under the control of Cdh5 promoter. An iCre-ERT2 sequence cassette was placed between the coding sequence of exon 2 and 5’UTR of the Cdh5 gene, and the expression of endogenous Cdh5 gene in mice was disrupted. When crossed with a strain containing a loxP-site flanked sequence of interest, and induced with Tamoxifen, Cre-mediated recombination will result in deletion of the floxed sequence in the offspring.

Phenotype analysis

Immunofluorescent images of tdTomato and CD31 in the main organs of double-positive mice. CD31 is endothelial marker. Scale bar, 25 µm.

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