Other Genetically Modified Mouse/Rat Models

We offer several strains of off-the-shelf genetically modified mouse and rat models to help advance your research projects.  Browse the list below to find the genetically engineered disease model or reporter model you need, or contact us for a custom model request.

Genetically Modified Mouse Models

Product Product No Application Fields
B-Adipor1 KO mice 111259
B-Adipor1/Adipor2 KO mice 121261
B-Apoe KO mice 110168 Hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis mice model (Cardiovascular system)
B-F8 KO mice 110169 Hemophilia mice model
B-F9 KO mice 110170 Hemophilia mice model
B-F9 KO/hALB mice 111879
B-Il17a-EGFP mice 110161 IL17 expression and functional test (gene reporter mice)
B-PD-1-EGFP KI mice 110166 PD-1, PD1
B-Tgfb1 cKO mice 110164 Study on transforming growth factor
B-ob/ob mice 110172 Diabetes mice model
B-p53 KO mice 110167 Tumorigenesis drug test

Genetically Modified Rat Models

Product Product No Description and Application
B-Apoa4 KO rats 210505 Cardiovascular system
B-Apoe KO rats 210508 Cardiovascular system (hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis)
B-IL2rg KO rats 210513 Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-Ldlr KO rats 210506 Cardiovascular system (Hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis)
B-Pink1 KO rats 210509 Parkinson disease model
B-PrP-hAPP-hPS1 rats 210510 Alzheimer’s disease
B-Rag2 KO rats 210511 Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-Rag2/IL2rg KO rats 210512 Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-p53 KO rats 210507 Tumor formation, drug detection