Other Genetically Modified Mouse/Rat Models

Genetically Modified Mouse Models

Product Product No Application Fields
B-Apoe KO mice 110168 Hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis mice model (Cardiovascular system)
B-F8 KO mice 110169 Hemophilia mice model
B-F9 KO mice 110170 Hemophilia mice model
B-Il17a-EGFP mice 110161 IL17 expression and functional test (gene reporter mice)
B-PD-1-EGFP KI mice 110166 PD-1, PD1
B-Tgfb1 cKO mice 110164 Study on transforming growth factor
B-ob/ob mice 110172 Diabetes mice model
B-p53 KO mice 110167 Tumorigenesis drug test

Genetically Modified Rat Models

Product Product No Description and Application
B-Apoa4 KO rats 210505 Cardiovascular system
B-Apoe KO rats 210508 Cardiovascular system (hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis)
B-IL2rg KO rats 210513 Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-Ldlr KO rats 210506 Cardiovascular system (Hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis)
B-Pink1 KO rats 210509 Parkinson disease model
B-Rag2 KO rats 210511 Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-Rag2/IL2rg KO rats 210512 Immune system (Immunodeficiency)
B-p53 KO rats 210507 Tumor formation, drug detection