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Common Name
B-hIL2RB/hIL15 mice
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Gene targeting strategy

B-hIL2RB/hIL15 mice were obtained by crossing B-hIL2RB mice with B-hIL15 mice. The targeting strategy of each gene are as follows. Exons 2~8 of the mouse Il2rb gene, which encodes the extracellular domain, were replaced by human IL2RB counterpart gene sequences. The mouse Il15 gene that encodes the full coding sequence was replaced by human IL15 counterpart gene sequences.

IL2RB protein expression analysis

Species-specific IL2RB protein expression analysis in wild-type and humanized B-hIL2RB/hIL15 mice. Splenocytes were isolated from wild-type C57BL/6 (+/+) and homozygous B-hIL2RB/hIL15 (H/H) mice that were treated with anti-mCD3ε in vivo, and analyzed by flow cytometry using species-specific anti-IL2RB antibodies. Mouse IL2RB protein was detected in wild-type mice, while human IL2RB protein was detected in B-hIL2RB/hIL15 mice.

IL15 mRNA expression analysis

Species-specific IL15 gene expression analysis in wild-type and humanized B-hIL15/hIL15RA mice by RT-PCR. Mouse Il15 mRNA was detected in splenocytes isolated from wild-type C57BL/6 (+/+) mice, while human IL15 mRNA was detected in homozygous B-hIL15/hIL15RA (H/H) mice.

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