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B-hIL4 mice
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IL4 (interleukin 4)


IL4 (interleukin 4) encoded by this gene is a pleiotropic cytokine produced by activated T cells. IL4 is capable of binding to its receptor IL4R, while IL13 is also capable of binding to IL4R, which may result in a functional overlap of IL4 and IL13. IL-4 has immunomodulatory effects on B cells, T cells, mast cells, macrophages, and the like. It can promote the proliferation of antigen or mitogen-activated B cells; promote T cell activity, single IL-4 can not stimulate macrophage proliferation but can enhance macrophage function.

Protein expression analysis

Strain specific IL4 expression analysis in heterozygous B-hIL4 mice by ELISA. 
Serum were collected from WT and heterozygous B-hIL4 mice stimulated with anti-CD3ε in vivo, and analyzed by ELISA with species-specific IL4 ELISA kit. Mouse Il4 was detectable in WT mice and heterozygous B-hIL4 mice. Human IL4 was exclusively detectable in heterozygous B-hIL4 mice but not WT mice.