Comparison of PD-L1 humanized MC38 cell lines

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Comparison of PD-L1 humanized MC38 cell lines
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310685, 310699, 310889


We did a comparison for B-hPD-L1 MC38(310685), B-hPD-L1 MC38 plus (310699) and B-hPD-L1 low MC38(310889).

General information of three versions of PD-L1 humanized MC38 cell lines

PD-L1 humanized MC38 cell lines

Reasons for using different versions at home and abroad:
There is a luciferase expressed in B-hPD-L1 MC38 plus. But scientists in the Boston lab were concerned that the luciferase expression might have an effect on the cell line. So they chose to use the version of B-hPD-L1 MC38 without luciferase expression.

In vivo efficacy evaluation

PD-L1 humanized MC38 cell lines

TILs detection

PD-L1 humanized MC38 cell lines


PD-L1 humanized MC38 cell lines
Summary from this experiment:
B-hPD-L1 MC38:The efficacy is the most sensitive. Percentages of all the TILs detected were dose-dependent, except for the change trend of Th cells contrary to the theory. The expression level of PD-L1 in untreated group was high. But it was reduced significantly in the drug treated group.
B-hPD-L1 MC38 plus: The efficacy was slightly worse than that of B-hPD-L1 MC38. There was no significant dose-dependent changes in all the TILs detected. PD-L1 was expressed at the highest level, but was not dose-dependent;
B-hPD-L1 low MC38:The low-dose group was the least sensitive among the three cell lines. The efficacy of the high-dose group was similar to that of B-hPD-L1 MC38. Total T cells and Tregs in TILs tended to be dose-dependent, and there were no significant changes in other cells. Expression level of PD-L1 was the lowest and was not dose-dependent.

According to the efficacy and TILs detection results of this experiment, B-hPD-L1 MC38 cells are the most sensitive to Keytruda (pembrolizumab).

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