Nov 2023 Newsletter

Nov 2023 Newsletter

New Animal Models

Humanized Immune-Checkpoint Mice

Catalog Number Product
112766 B-hTGFBR2/hPDGFRA mice
113092 B-hCD3E/hCD28/hCD19 mice
113093 B-hCD3E/hCD28/hMUC1 mice
113040 B-hPD-1/hPD-L1/HLA-A2.1 mice

Humanized Cytokine Mice

Catalog Number Product
112595 B-hRNASE4 mice
131596 B-Tg(hIFNG/hIL26) mice
110089 B-hIL17B mice
112413 B-hGDF8 mice
111443 B-hCETP mice


Humanized GPCR Mice

Catalog Number Product
112592 B-hMC4R mice
112362 B-hF2RL1 mice
112629 B-hGPR20 mice
111009 B-hSUCNR1 mice

Other Humanized Mice

Catalog Number Product
112585 B-hFGFRL1 mice
112533 B-hCD151 mice
112624 B-hPGLYRP1 mice
112214 B-hTCIRG1 mice
111220 B-hADAM17 mice
112800 B-hCLEC5A mice(C)
111626 B-hAOC3 mice
112386 B-hTTR*V30M mice
112534 B-hCD209 mice
112684 B-hMDR1 mice
112501 B-hCD68 mice
111026 B-hLRP6 mice
112348 B-hFSTL3 mice
112546 B-hFZD5 mice
112361 B-hRETN mice
111070 B-hNTRK2 mice


KO Models

Catalog Number Product
111864 B-Fcgr1/Fcgrs KO mice

Humanized Tumor Cell Lines

Catalog Number Product
322369 B-Tg(WT1 peptide-HLA-A2.1) MC38(service only)
322270 B-hCDH17 B16-F10
322309 B-hVEGFA MC38(service only)

End-of-year Offer

$1,000 OFF Any Gene Targeting Project

As the holiday season approaches, we are thrilled to offer you a $1,000 credit that can be applied to your next gene targeting project.

*Limited time only. Must receive PO by December 31, 2023.

Step Inside Our New Facility

Dive into the world of Biocytogen Boston with an exclusive peek into our state-of-the-art space, expanded capacity, and cutting-edge technologies.


Upcoming Events

Cell Bio 2023 by American Society for Cell Biology

Dates: Dec 2-6, 2023

Meet us at Booth 703 and learn more about our custom model generation services and pharmacology services to support your therapeutic discovery and preclinical validation.

Antibody engineering and Therapeutics US

Dates: Dec 13-16, 2023

Meet us at Booth 208, and at our 3 posters, to learn more about our antibody discovery platforms, services and other solutions to help support your research projects and pipeline.

Watch our webinar recording on demand: Generation of TCR-mimic antibodies targeting intracellular proteins to expand the druggable target repertoire for anti-tumor therapies


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