March 2023 Newsletter

March 2023 Newsletter

New Animal Models

Humanized Immune-Checkpoint Mice

Catalog Number Product
112252 B-hTIGIT mice(C)
110926 B-hDLL3 mice
112067 B-hDLL4 mice
112666 B-hCD3E/hCD20/hCD38 mice
111091 B-hCD23 mice
111242 B-hICAM1 mice
112095 B-hBST2 mice
111919 B-hHCAR1 mice
111430 B-hCLU mice

Humanized Cytokine Mice

Catalog Number Product
120560 B-hIL17RB/hIL25 mice
112360 B-hIL18BP mice
110872 B-hMASP2 mice
112744 B-hTSLP/hTSLPR mice plus
110986 B-hIGF2R mice
121329 B-hOSM/hOSMR mice
112748 B-hIL2/hIL2RA/hIL2RB/hIL2RG mice


Other Humanized Models

Catalog Number Product
112669 B-hIL2RA/hCCR8 mice
112343 B-hLGALS3BP mice
112339 B-hTIMP1 mice
112351 B-hEVA-1 mice

Cre Mouse/Rat Models

Catalog Number Product
112491 B-Tert KO mice


Upcoming Events

8th Annual Innate Killer Summit
Dates: March 28th-30th, 2023

Since our inception in 2009, our strong focus on genetic engineering has led to the creation of multiple strains of mice for preclinical efficacy testing as well as antibody drug discovery. Whether you need humanized models, PK/PD services, or antibody discovery services, we’d love to partner with you to evaluate your novel immunotherapies. Let us know how we can best assist you!


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