Luciferase Reporter Tumor Cell Lines

In order to better evaluate drug anti-tumor activity, it is essential to have a method that can help track tumor growth and quantify tumor burden in vivo easily. Biocytogen has created a list of luciferase-labeled cell lines for tumor model generation and bioluminescence imaging in live animal models, providing simpler, highly sensitive, robust means for tumor measurement and in vivo drug efficacy studies.

Product Disease Organism Culture Type
B-CAG-luc Daudi Cell Line Burkitt’s lymphoma Human Suspension
B-CAG-luc Hep 3B (v2) Cell Line Hepatocellular carcinoma Human Adherent
B-CAG-luc U87-MG Cell Line Glioblastoma Human Adherent
B-Luciferase 4T1 Cell Line Breast carcinoma Murine Adherent
B-Luciferase B16-F10 Cell Line Melanoma Murine Adherent
B-Luciferase EL4 Cell Line Lymphoma Mouse Suspension
B-Luciferase Hep3B2.1-7 Cell Line Hepatocellular carcinoma Human Adherent
B-Luciferase Hepa 1-6 Cell Line Hepatoma Mouse Adherent
B-Luciferase K562 Cell Line Leukemia (CML) Human Suspension
B-Luciferase MIA PaCa-2 Cell Line Pancreatic carcinoma Human Adherent
B-Luciferase U87-MG Cell Line Glioblastoma Human Adherent
B-Luciferase-GFP HT-29 Cell Line Colorectal adenocarcinoma Human Adherent
B-Luciferase-GFP NCI-H1975 Cell Line Adenocarcinoma; non­small cell lung cancer Human Adherent
B-Luciferase-GFP Raji Cell Line Lymphoma, Burkitt’s Human Suspension



Biocytogen provides engineering service to customer’s own cell lines.

Our humanized tumor cell lines are for pharmacology services only.

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