Beacon Single B Cell Cloning

Our antibody discovery platform utilizes the industry-leading Beacon Optofluidic system to accelerate your timeline.

Beacon Single B Cell Antibody Cloning and faster generation of antibody hits

Biocytogen’s antibody discovery platform harnesses the power of Berkeley LightsBeacon® Optofluidic system to generate antibody hits much faster than conventional hybridoma technology (from weeks to days).  Unlike traditional discovery methods, single B cell antibody cloning has the distinct advantage of capturing positive hits early in the discovery process, which effectively eliminates the possibility that “good clones” are lost.

Beacon® single B cell antibody cloning workflow

From the animals exhibiting robust immune responses, we will isolate lymphoid tissue and enrich for B cells using magnetic bead technology.  The Beacon® OptoFluidic system will detect antibodies secreted by single B cells that have high affinity for the labeled target antigen. The positive B cells are then lysed and sequenced for further analysis.

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Single B cell antibody cloning technology

The Beacon® Optofluidic system uses light-sorting technology to profile the antigen-binding capacity of antibodies produced by a single B cell. 

The B cell suspension is loaded into microfluidic chips, and each cell is individually housed in a chamber. The cells secreting antibodies that exhibit antigen-binding capacity are then individually exported for single B cell antibody cloning. This involves on-chip cell lysis and subsequent cDNA preparation.  Once the cDNA is obtained and sequenced, the antibody sequences are expressed in cell lines for further validation studies.

Beacon® Optoselect chip technology.

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Multiplex Screening Assays to Identify Desired Clones 

One benefit of the Beacon® platform is the ability to perform multiple screening assays, including ligand competition assays, to identify clones with desired blocking or non-blocking function.

Depending on the requirements of your project, requiring cross-reactivity, or enforcing specificity for a given antigen can also be performed to help ensure the success of your campaign.

Finally, for multi-transmembrane target antigens that are most conveniently expressed on the cell surface, cell-based screening assays can also be performed to identify antibodies of interest. These capabilities, combined with Biocytogen’s advanced immunization procedures, can vastly improve the efficiency of your project and ensure that you get the high-quality hits you need for a successful antibody discovery project.


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