Beacon Single B Cell Cloning

Our antibody discovery platform utilizes the industry-leading Beacon Optofluidic system to accelerate your timeline.

Faster generation of antibody hits

Biocytogen’s antibody discovery platform harnesses the power of Berkeley LightsBeacon® Optofluidic system to generate antibody hits much faster than conventional hybridoma technology (from weeks to days).  Unlike traditional discovery methods, single B cell antibody cloning has the distinct advantage of capturing positive hits early in the discovery process, which effectively eliminates the possibility that “good clones” are lost.

Beacon® single B cell antibody cloning workflow

From the animals exhibiting robust immune responses, we will isolate lymphoid tissue and enrich for B cells using magnetic bead technology.  The Beacon® OptoFluidic system will detect antibodies secreted by single B cells that have high affinity for the labeled target antigen. The positive B cells are then lysed and sequenced for further analysis.


Single B cell antibody cloning technology

The Beacon® Optofluidic system uses light-sorting technology to profile the antigen-binding capacity of antibodies produced by a single B cell. 

The B cell suspension is loaded into microfluidic chips, and each cell is individually housed in a chamber. The cells secreting antibodies that exhibit antigen-binding capacity are then individually exported for single B cell antibody cloning. This involves on-chip cell lysis and subsequent cDNA preparation.  Once the cDNA is obtained and sequenced, the antibody sequences are expressed in cell lines for further validation studies.

Beacon® Optoselect chip technology.

Images created with BioRender.

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